Top tips when searching for car carrier services in Australia

I’ve settled pretty well in Brisbane and am thoroughly enjoying my new home. As with all moves, it does take some time to get used to, I have been out and about exploring Brisbane and can say that it is so like Melbourne in a way but more slow paced.  Everyone is more casual up here; my real estate agent wears a t-shirt and shorts to the office because the weather is so much warmer in the tropical north. The weather is beautiful! So much sunshine and it gives me more time to explore in the evening. Had just got my car transported up from Melbourne, so I’ll tell you all about that.

So car transport isn’t something that is done on a regular basis so I thought I’d let you know my experience, give you an insight to the process involved. When it comes time to move or relocate a car, one of the first things that is on your mind is most likely what the costs involved may be. Calling car transport companies is one way of find out this information, the issue with this is that it takes up a lot of your time, finding which company to call, reading company reviews, repeating your enquiry over and over and in some instances wasting your time because some transporters don’t cover those areas or don’t do specific routes.  What I found on my quest for a Melbourne to Brisbane car carrying service is that there is a much easier way to get this information. Getting interstate car transport quotes online is a way more efficient process. I’m sure you’ve seen comparison websites for health insurance, well now there are comparison websites for vehicle transport, so find a car carrying provider just got a whole lot easier.

Moving your car interstate can be just as stressful as having a removalist move all your furniture and belongings from Melbourne to Brisbane. The car carrier service I used although was thorough however, that is not to say I didn’t experience any problems. Let’s go over what I would recommend you do if you need to move your car interstate.

Do your research on vehicle transport companies – like any business, they are there to make a sale, so you wouldn’t find anything negative on their websites. When doing your research, you would want to know how they treat their customers and how people rate their service, so read transport company reviews online, you’ll know pretty quickly if the car carrier company isn’t highly rated.

Take photos of your car – Before dropping of your car at the carrier’s depot, give your motor vehicle a wash; by cleaning the exterior of the vehicle you are able to record the existing condition of the car. Note down any dents, scratches or imperfections and take lots of photos so you can hand this to the transport provider. In most cases, car carrying companies would perform their own inspection of your car and give you a copy of the condition report.

Get your car mechanically inspected by your local mechanic – ensuring your car is in top shape before being relocated not only helps prevent any breakdown issues. Professional mechanics can help provide a qualified valuation when it comes to insurance claims. Car carriers rely on cars to be in good working condition, when unnecessary breakdowns occur, it can cause delay and cost you more in the long run.